Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twitter and Me

I created a twitter account almost a year ago. I created it because a lot of my friends were on it and said that it was really fun. Initially I got it to "test the waters." Now I'm using it a lot. Mostly to follow and tweet on this one radio personality's page... Kimberly from Kimberly and Beck... but I do have tweets of my own sometimes

Last week, our teacher had us make a professional twitter account. At first I have to admit I thought it was pretty stupid, but now I'm guessing it could actually be useful. For both interacting within the classroom with your fellow classmates, but also with the teacher. When I go into the work field, I could use it to; communicate with parents, ask students questions and give them all a chance to answer, and communicate with other teachers and admin.

Today, in class, the teacher had a take a quiz using twitter and Google docs. We were in groups, and using twitter, answer questions in a Google docs format. The teach posted all the questions we had to answer on twitter, and we had to tweet our responses.

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  1. I believe that Twitter will be very beneficial for teachers to connect with one another, as you mentioned in your post. With all of this technology at our fingertips, there is virtually no limit on what we will be able to do with our classroom one day.